January 3, 2023

Girls Re:Verse Returns From Hiatus, Publishes First Episode Online

The VR-based Kpop competition show is back and streaming on Youtube.

Girls Re:Verse Returns From Hiatus, Publishes First Episode Online

The once-troubled virtual kpop competition has made its return.

Kakao Entertainment has announced a settlement of all issues between the avatar artists of the company's newest kpop competition show, Girls Re:Verse, and has resumed streaming of its content and first episode.

According to the official Girls Re:Verse Youtube channel, Kakao announced the first episode would be released on Monday, January 2nd. That episode and all musical content is now viewable on Youtube and the online streaming service Viki.

Kakao's original announcement of the series' return. Source: Youtube

Girls Re:Verse is a VR game show which advertises working with 30 women from the real-life kpop industry. Each woman is introduced as a known kpop performer, but their identities are hidden behind a 3D avatar. The show follows a typical elimination-style singing format, but with the twist of new technology as a variation for entertainment. Singers wear full-body trackers for special performances with dancing and singing.

The show is great fun, and we recommend anyone curious about VR to dig in and enjoy it. Whether you're a kpop fan or not, it's nice to see a professional company treat a virtual game show with respect, rather than an unrealistic view of VR being an alternate dimension or a subject of ridicule.

Watch the first episode below. We'll be doing a recap as each episode premieres with some commentary. To see all virtual music videos included in the competition, click here.