The Metaculture is an online magazine highlighting arts and culture in multiuser virtual spaces. From your favorite MMO to the latest platforms in virtual reality, we want to cover what's new and interesting.

We also aim to feature virtual fashion. With the advent of avatar interoperability on newer platforms, comes the rise of more varied choices of wear for both VR and streaming use. Editorials and interviews also aim to take advantage of cross-reality editing with its subjects to bring real-life trends to the avatar's form.

The cross-section of this is current trends in user interactivity and map design. What works, what doesn't, and why? Answering these questions are important, rather than game designers repeating the mistakes of the past due to a lack of information.

It's an artistic twist on current news in tech, one we hope you find interesting and necessary. We hope you'll enjoy the lens we offer, and come back to read what we publish here.

The Metaculture is curated and edited by K. Guillory.