December 13, 2022

Check Out These Immersive Events Before The Holidays Are Here

Ready to see the sights? Catch these happenings from Raindance Immersive, Virtual Market, and VRCon.

Check Out These Immersive Events Before The Holidays Are Here
Image: Raindance Immersive

The last two weeks of December tend to ramp up in virtual get-togethers, and wind down in terms of cultural happenings. With that in mind, here are some last bits of interesting things to do around the grid, courtesy of Raindance Immersive and Virtual Market.

And if you're more in the mood for a good party, check out VRChat Party Hub. Their daily rundowns of music events is essential to anyone who loves hitting the digital dance floor.

December 17th (Saturday)

Yamaha x AWAKE (Vket)

  • What: A special collab concert will be taking place at Virtual Market before the digital convention closes for the holiday. We've seen Japanese live bands in VR before, and it's always a huge treat. They bring a level of engagement to the stage that feels almost like real life.
  • When: December 17th, 7:00AM-8:30AM EST / December 17th, 21:00-22:30 JST
  • Info to join: Link (translate via Twitter!)

Metacosm Studios/VRCon Film Festival

  • What: There's a filmmaking scene taking hold in VRChat, and with it are several works you can already enjoy. Reserve your spot at this event to watch up to 30 movies! Don't forget to bring the popcorn.
  • When: December 17th, 6PM-8PM EST / December 18th, 12AM-2AM CET
  • RSVP: Link
Image: Raindance Immersive/Cirrex


  • What: Cirrex brings their thoughtful music and game production to a live show, featuring sci-fi lights and otherwordly landscapes. The concert features a moving platform with a few surprises along the way; Fans of Fate of the Irrebloss will be thrilled with this concert.
  • When: December 17th, 21:00 GMT / 4PM EST
  • RSVP: Link

Winterland Community Event (Vket)

  • What: An assembly of DJs and dance crews will gather to provide music and entertainment. Ever see a virtual dance-off between organized crews? No? You might want to show up to witness that.
  • When: December 17th, 11PM-5AM EST / December 18th, 3AM-9AM GMT
  • Info: Link

December 18th (Sunday)

Namuanki and Lost Valley Lake Retreat

  • What: Nature, when replicated in virtual reality, can produce some amazing and trippy results. Join Raindance Immersive-acclaimed designers Kevin Mack and NProwler as they guide you through their respective immersive worlds which borrow from themes of the earth.
  • When: December 18th, 8PM-10PM EST / December 18th, 1AM-3AM GMT
  • RSVP: Link